Solid Sidewall Poultry House Upgrade

Phase 1:

Post Replacement:
When the majority of the Keystone houses were built in the late 1980s and early 1990s, pressure treated lumber was exponentially inferior to today’s .60 ACA Treated lumber products found in the posts we use in Poultry house construction today. We commonly find that 75% or more of the posts in these houses are no longer able to keep the house structurally sound . Therefore, we created a method that allows us to place a new .60 ACA Treated 4” x 4” post next to the existing one and run 5/8” lag screws (most commonly) through them to put the weight of the walls on the new posts and restore the structural integrity of the house. We recommend replacing all 216 posts to insure the structure will remain sound for years to come. This replaces the posts on the sidewalls as well as the endwalls.

(5/2016 – Posts are replaced at a rate of $25 per post, this includes the materials and labor for each post which includes concrete, lag screws and any additional fasteners that are used in the process.)

Chainwall Construction:
Poultry industry specifications call for a 16” (inches) concrete footer to be placed around the entire perimeter of the house. Our minimal installation procedure allows for 12”(inches) above grade and 8”(inches) below grade for a total of 20”(inches) of concrete around the entire house. This is a beneficial service in a multitude of ways. It keeps out any potential vermin that may cause problems to the chickens. It allows the house to have a better seal once the solid sidewall construction is complete, and it makes it easier for tractor operators to scrape out litter between grow outs whereas they no longer have to worry about hitting the posts with the box blades due to the concrete forming a solid area for them to scrape versus previously having to go in between the posts.

(5/2016 – Currently, The 20” Chainwall Service is $9,100.00 per house – Contact us to inquire about prices for different depths or widths of concrete.)

Phase 2:

Galvalume Metal Sidewalls Installation:
We offer FABRAL 29ga. Poultry Panels as the preferred metal product to install on the exterior sidewall areas. FABRAL is a leader in the metal roofing and metal exterior fabricating industry and we are a proud FABRAL distributor in the south eastern US! This panel comes with excellent warranty and is also available in a multitude of color options as well if the customer desires to have a specific look to their houses. Also, our painted panels offer a 40 year warranty, some offer a lifetime warranty (Black and Bright Red are the most popular panels with lifetime warranty – see all available color choices at www.fabral.com)
(5/2016 – This service is subject to change due to price increases in the metal industry, contact us to inquire further, but it is usually in the $7,300.00 range)s

Insulating Sidewalls:
The primary source of energy efficiency in a modern Poultry house is the insulation placed in the sidewalls and ceiling areas when they are built. Commonly, this is an area that is neglected or under utilized due to financial reasons or underinformed poultry farmers who are trying to get their houses built with as little cost as possible with them being first time growers. The new style houses were built with R-13 Batt insulation and after a decade of their existence the Batt insulation has fallen down or been eaten by various critters passing through seeking the warmth the poultry house provides – and the older houses are open sidewalls and just have paper thin curtains installed over the chicken wire and there is no insulation value in that. We offer a blown cellulose foam product that is sprayed onto the metal sidewalls and due to the type of material it’s made from it adheres to the area that it is blown to and cannot fall, and is so thick that no animal that is common to a poultry house can eat through it. It also has the same R-13 insulation value that was formerly provided by the fiberglass Batt insulation products.
(5/2016 – This service is also subject to change due to the price fluctuation which occurs often throughout the year in the insulation industry but was last quoted at $8,000 per house.)

OSB or Paragon Interior Sidewalls:
The interior sidewalls of the house are the final step in the solid sidewall upgrade construction process. We offer two options for growers to choose from. The OSB Sidewall comes in 7/16”Inch and 5/8”inch options and is typically done with 4’Foot by 10’Foot sheets of OSB which allows the OSB to be installed in a staggered pattern with the posts being 5’Foot on center. The OSB is installed using 3” galvanized ring shank gun nails. Some growers prefer a new plastic product called Paragon, which is created using recycled plastic materials at a plant in Lousiana. The Paragon sheets are 4’foot by 8’foot and are installed using special plastic binding wood screws. Both methods finalize the air-tight seal process and allows the house to be easily washed out between grow outs. The OSB is usually the preferred product due to being more effective in the area of energy efficiency in areas where propane gas is used more in the cold temperature months of the year.
(5/2016 – OSB Installation is difficult to quote for website purposes because it fluctuates on a weekly basis, the last one we quoted was at $6,000 per house. Paragon is usually $7,000 per house, but the product is available on a waiting list basis and that is often another deterrent for growers.)


Once the solid sidewall construction is complete:
Recommended Services:

Concrete Entrance Pads:
We offer several different size concrete entrance pads which perform a multitude of purposes for a poultry house. It sheds any excess rain water which may run towards the house. It also allows the doors to form an air-tight seal when in the closed position whether they be standard sliding doors or the new Eagan Manufacturing Bi-Fold Door System. The entrance pad is poured in conjunction with the chain wall and allows for the house to be fully enclosed from every angle by concrete. The bird catching crews also benefit from these pads whereas it allows them to get in and out of the houses faster and easier with their equipment.
(5/2016 – If the house has a 14’ or 12’ wide opening, our standard pad allows for 4’ feet to the inside and 8’ feet to the outside on a slope which allows for water to run away from the house. At the entrance, the pad is 6” thick and tapers off to 2” thick on the end to the outside of the house. This pad is $750.00 each, or $1,500 per house. This includes forming materials, concrete and labor.)

Bi-Fold Doors and Entry Door Replacement:
We offer 10’ x 12’ and 10’ x 14’ Bi Fold doors that we keep in stock as a proud Eagan Manufacturing distributor. These doors are the premier product in terms of energy efficiency and air-seal effectiveness of a Poultry house. They operate with ease and close with an air-tight seal by way of the new FLD Chain Hoist drive system (patent pending) from Eagan Manufacturing. We also recommend replacing the other exterior entrance doors on the sides and ends of the houses as we often find these doors damaged, broken or just plain unserviceable due to the wear and tear they endure over the years. We offer the 3’ x 5’, 3’ x ‘6, and 4’ x 6’ doors as well as the 27” x 6’ cool cell doors which all come with door knob/lock and key systems from Eagan Manufacturing.
(5/2016 – Bi-Fold Door systems are currently priced at $7,100.00 per house. This includes two Bi-Fold Doors, installation kits and labor. The 3’ x 5’ doors are $199, 3’ x 6’ $225, 4’ x 6’ $255, 27” x 6’ $189 which includes the door & lock system as well as installation labor. We also offer a new door seal system for $99 per door which replaces the old, commonly worn seals with a new patented seal product which will keep the house air tight for years to come.)

Screw Down Roof-tops:
The houses built before 2001 were built under the old code which called for sheet metal on agricultural structures to be installed with nails. Now, insurance companies as well as the poultry organizations like Keystone are starting to see the fallout from their decision in that area, especially when strong winds become a factor during storms and the houses are left with the entire roof area exposed and the metal roofing systems are lying in the areas surrounding their houses. We use the FABRAL Wood-Tite 1 ½”inch screws which include the Flat-Top Self Sealing Fastener enhancement washer system which allows the screw to form a seal between the fastener and the building which allows no moisture to pass through. We install the screws identically to the way that our own FABRAL metal roofing system’s manufactuer specifications calls for to insure that the metal will be utilized in a way that maximizes effectiveness of the roofing system, even when the metal isn’t brand new it can still effectively serve it’s purpose for years to come!
(5/2016 – Despite constant price increases from the steel industry which directly impacts our sheet metal prices, we have managed to stay at $3,750.00 per house for the past 10 years since we started providing this service.*

*- Due to the demand for services to be done in a timely manner, our method is the fastest and most effective in our area if not the entire nation. We started off using generators and multiple extension cords and recently converted to a wireless method using cordless 20v drills with 4.0AH Lithium Ion batteries which allows us to move on the roof with less restriction than before using the extension cord method and allows us to do up to four houses per day during the grower’s down time period which allows them to have more time to prepare their houses for their new birds.