About Us

Mission Statement:

The overall mission for every individual employed with Castillo Construction is to provide not only a superior quality product but also to insure a satisfactory customer service experience that allows our customers to recommend our workmanship and respectful service throughout our intended service areas. We believe in employing individuals with sound character, respectful values and dedicated work ethic to insure that our job completion is also in sync with customer satisfaction for years to come. Our family-oriented approach to management is designed to be directly exemplified through our professional craftsmanship and cost effective labor prices. We show appreciation through our tithes and offering to our church, donations to our community and opportunities we provide to Veterans, convicted felons and hard-working individuals who wish to provide for their families through our various opportunities in our community and industries we work in.

Company Core Values:

R – Respect

  • Our personnel are required to be respectful to not only our customers but to each other and their families as well.

E – Efficiency

  • Our quality of work is going to be done right or we will not deem it complete, we also strive to utilize technology and modern methods to decrease labor time.

S – Selflessness

  • We encourage our employees to always think of the next man when they are working to insure cohesion and maximize cooperation on our jobsites and at our distribution centers.

P – Professionalism

  • Adhering to the modern standards in today’s business world for professionalism is our most important pre-requisite for employment. We take care of our equipment and vehicles to insure that we look as effective as our work is upon completion.

E – Effectiveness

  • We always bring the optimal amount of individuals for each project to insure that our methods are the most effective in the industry in which we are working and that our competitors can not product a superior product to ours.

C – Courage

  • Often our jobs require employees to operate at a fast pace and under strenuous conditions and this requires our personnel to have a high degree of courage at all times although they are provided instruction and training to maximize safety.

T – Timeliness

  • Being on time, finishing on time and being honest in our approach to business has a level of importance that is always a top priority to our services we provide.


Our Team

Richard Castillo

Owner / President
Richard Castillo founded Castillo Construction and Metal Roofing, LLC in 1994.

Ricky Castillo

Vice President
Ricky Castillo runs day to day operations with the crew, etc.

Cody Casey

Chief Operations Manager
Cody Casey is the Chief Operations Manager