Metal Roofing

When quality is desired and budget is a priority when installing a new roof system or repairing or modifying an existing one, FABRAL is the industry-preferred leader in high quality steel roofing systems and roofing accessories. Castillo Construction & Metal Roofing, LLC is a proud FABRAL distributor as well as licensed to install metal roofing systems and framing packages available in wood and steel for residential, commercial and agriculture roofing systems.

Poultry Construction

A poultry house is a wise investment for individuals in the modern agricultural industry. However, these structures have to remain intact for several decades before they begin to produce a return on the initial investment the growers put into their poultry operation. Whether we build them from the ground up or if we upgrade previously existing houses, our high quality materials used in conjunction with our custom designed poultry house specifications as well as our solid sidewall installation techniques guarantee our products to last to and through the investment return period  desired by today’s poultry grower and today’s poultry production facility personnel. We are currently involved with Sanderson Farms and Keystone Poultry but can take on projects from any poultry production organization in the United States.

Fence Post Sales

Our stern commitment to quality and low overhead operations allow us to sell a high quality post at a fraction of the price you’ll find with ANY online dealer. We specialize in fence posts but other lumber varieties are available upon request. Residential and Commercial projects all over the United States are constructed using Castillo Construction's pressure treated wood poles and posts. Our wood fence posts are pressure treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). You know that when you buy wood fence posts from Castillo Construction they are guaranteed to last.

  • Pressure treated with a lifetime limited warranty against rot, decay and termite damage
  • Applications include livestock, pasture fencing, kennel fencing and dock posts
  • Can be used for high-tensile wire fencing for livestock containment
  • Made in the USA
  • Treated post is safe for use around humans, pets, and plants

Fake ID in constructions jobs

in 2019, the industry uses a lot of the work of illegal immigrants who often do not have a work permit and buy fake IDs on sites such as https://idgod.to/ or https://idhurry.com/. Our site does not welcome such activities in the United States